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Today, most mattresses are manufactured according to standard sizes. This standardization was initiated by the industry to resolve any dimensional discrepancies that might occur between companies that manufacture beds and companies that make mattresses. The sizes include the twin bed, 39 inches wide and 74 inches long; the double bed, 54 inches wide and 74 inches long; the queen bed, 60 inches wide and 80 inches long; and the king bed, 78 inches wide and 80 inches long. buy mattress south Africa buy mattress south africa

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Generation 6 in Action


The "core" of a typical mattress is the innerspring unit, a series of wire coils that are attached to one another with additional wire. The upholstery layers are affixed to the innerspring: the first, called the insulator, is fitted directly onto the innerspring and prevents the next layer, the cushioning, from molding to the coils. While the insulator is fairly standard, the number of cushioning layers can vary widely in number, ranging from two to eight layers and from 1/4 inch to 2 inches (.63 to 5 centimeters) in thickness. Moving outward, the next component is the flanges, connecting panels that are attached to the mattress's quilted cover with, staples. The top, bottom, and side panels of the mattress are stitched together with border tape, with our bed manufacturing machines we supply buy mattress South Africa

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While a wide variety of springs are designed to accommodate special needs and situations, the most commonly used coils are the innerspring System. The springs are shaped and knotted at both ends. The Offset design is similarly coil-shaped, but its top and bottom are flattened to facilitate a hinging action between the coils. The Continuous innerspring consists of one extremely long strand of steel wire configured into shaped units. Finally, in the System, each coil is encased in a fabric casing that also connects it to neighboring coil-casing units.  Call +27 62574 5440 to view Factory Demo

A typical mattress contains coil springs, and mattresses that use fewer coils normally require a heavier gauge of wire. It is not uncommon for an innerspring unit to require steel wire. The individual coils can be joined in several ways. One common method is to use shaped wires that run along the top and bottom of the springs, lacing the coils together. Rigid border wires are sometimes attached around the perimeters to stabilize the mattress South Africa

Most manufacturers also produce foundation mattresses or boxsprings that lie directly beneath the mattress, resting on the frame of the bed. One of the most common types of box spring foundations uses a coil configuration, in which the springs are narrow at the bottom but spiral to a wider diameter at the top. While a spring system provides the most common type of boxspring support, bars are also sometimes used. Other foundation mattresses contain no springs at all but consist of a built-up wooden frame.  Call +27 62574 5440 to view Factory Demo


Raw Materials

Mattresses are presently made of many materials, both natural and synthetic. The innerspring, and boxspring components are made from wire; the boxspring wire is usually of a heavier gauge than that used in the innerspring. The insulator consists of semi-rigid netting or wire mesh, and the cushioning layers can comprise a number of different materials including natural fiber, polyurethane foam, and polyester. The flanges are made of fabric and rings of metal. Top, bottom, and side panels consist of a durable fabric cover quilted over a backing of foam or fiber, and the binding buy mattress south Africa

The tape Edge that holds the ticking together is made of heavy-duty, fibrous, synthetic material. The underlying boxspring may consist of either a wooden frame with slats or metal coils similar to those used in the mattress itself. The boxspring may be upholstered, but it always receives a fabric covering even if it is not.  buy mattress South Africa

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              The Manufacturing Process

       Building mattress layers

  • 1  The production of the innerspring unit to an outside firm that specializes in making springs. Once the completed spring unit is received and inspected, the worker manually applies the insulator. Next, they apply the cushioning layers that will determine the feel and comfort of the final product.

  • 2  While the mattress is being "built up" in one part of the factory, the decorative cover that will serve as the exterior for the top, bottom, and sides is being prepared. Usually, this is supplied pre-quilted, which controls a multitude of needles that stitch the cover to a layer of the backing material. The stitching chosen serves both useful and ornamental purposes, as it must prevent the mattress cover from slipping or creeping over the layers of cushioning in addition to creating a visually pleasing exterior.

  • 3  Once the fabric is quilted, it is cut into panels that will fit the top and bottom of the mattress. The side panels are often cut from this same composite or made separately on a border machine. If side handles or vents are added, they are attached to the side panels before they are applied to the mattress. buy mattress South Africa

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  •  Completing the mattress

  • 4  The closing operation is one of the easiest procedures in the entire process. It is done with a movable BED MANUFACTURING MACHINE that we supply, that is mounted on a track. Tape edge operators manually feed the top, bottom, and side panels and a heavy-duty binding tape into the sewing machine as it moves around the mattress. As this combination of materials is fed into the machine, the operators use their skill to feed the proper amount of each material into the machine to produce a professionally tailored mattress south africa

  • 6 Some of the highest quality mattresses may also feature a pillowtop, a panel filled with soft upholstery, and attached to the top and bottom panels of the mattress for a more luxurious feel and appearance. Prequilted, the pillowtop is then taped to the mattress. Call +27 62574 5440 to view Factory Demo

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