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Choosing the right pillow is one of the first steps to increase both the productivity and the quality of sleep. Inappropriate pillows may cause headache, muscular retention, snoring, and occasional inability to breathe during sleep.

The quality of sleep is more important than the time we spend one third of our lives. Therefore, you need to be quite careful in choosing the right bed and pillows. Finding the right position during sleep makes it easier to fall asleep and then provides a sound sleep. When the backbone is not in the proper position, nerves can become stuck, causing pain and numbness in the organs. The right pillow is the most important helper for the body to catch the proper position.

Side sleepers, do not forget the height of the pillow!

Researchers say that approximately 80% of people sleep on their side. If you like to sleep on your side, keep in mind that the critical point is the height of shoulder when looking for the perfect pillow for yourself. The important point is the choice of a high or medium high pillow depending on the height of the shoulder. If your shoulder width is long, choose a higher cushion and if it is shorter decide on lower cushions. Lower pillows should not be preferred as the head and neck will be inclined downward on the low pillows.

Soft pillows are for prone sleepers

For those who like to sleep in this sleeping position, a soft pillow is the right choice. It allows your head to be buried in the pillow and supports your head and neck with your spine. It is left for you to take a healthy sleep as well.

Backrest sleepers should use hard and medium soft pillows

Those who like to sleep in this way should prefer hard and medium soft pillows, but more importantly, low or medium height pillows that fully support the neck fold should be preferred. Too high cushions bring your chin closer to your chest and distort the natural shape of your spine. Lower and medium stiffness pillows help maintain the shape of your body. It is also important to make sure that your pillow covers your entire neck.

Lying on your back with an appropriate pillow makes it possible for the lungs to breathe freely with the distribution of the pressure the body makes on the bed and on the pillow, the condition of the nerves and vessels, blood circulation and the work of the heart. The use of high pillows alleviates complaints in illnesses such as neck hernia, COPD and heart failure.

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