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Please note we do not sell business opportunities or businesses we only manufacture and supply bed equipment for the bed business industry

Tape Edge Machine Bed Making Tape Edge machine bed manufacturing machine. This machine is mainly used for tape edging of mattress panels. With electronic Tape Edge speed control 

Tape edger bed machine for sale, start your own bed factory from home.

Mattress Tape Edge machine include the type of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic mattress tape edge machines. It is used for sewing the mattress trimming these Tape Edge Machines all could be matched with  300U or TYPICAL  machine heads working. Entirely auto-machine easy to operate tape edge machine with little workforce cost.

It can increase daily mattress production capacity.

TAPE EDGE MATTRESS MACHINERY CO LTD. We are a South African MADE mattress tape edge sewing and machine manufacture supplier. 35 years of trust with all customers greatly supports long-term development. 

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Mattress sewing machine for mattress border series. Including border tape sewing machines, mattress border decoration machines, zipper sewing machines, pillow-top sewing machines, handle strap tacker machines, mattress embroidery machines, label sewing machines..etc. In order to create a different border design look for a high-level mattress.

TAPE EDGE MATTRESS MACHINERY CO LTD. TAPE EDGE mattress border sewing machine manufacturer. supplier of all mattress decoration-making machines. let your product attract customer attention. The trust of all our customers greatly supports long-term development. 

This machine is mainly used for spring or foam mattresses.

The Tape edge machine is used to stitch the top and bottom panels of a mattress to the mattress edge and cover that raw edge with protective tape or ribbon. Our tape-edge machines are fully automated and capable of turning corners and mattresses without any extra effort from the operator. Beds and bed manufacturing equipment supplied and manufactured by bed manufacturing are tape edge and mattress machinery.

The protective tape attached by a tape-edge machine, also known as tape-edge or binding tape, can be either knit or woven and come in various patterns and colors. Mattress machines that we produce are high quality, silent, fast, efficient, low energy, easy-to-understand tape edge bed manufacturing machines.

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- lifting table

- The speed can be set within a certain range and auto-slowdown at the corners

- The angle of the sewing head can be adjusted as the demand

- The corners of the mattress can be adjusted as the demand

- Automatic  device to control the motor clutch for easy operation

- The speed of the Sewing, and moving boxes, is using the variable frequency 

- Motor frequency: the capacity is 20 pieces/hour. It can be changed according to the size of the mattress, and the proficiency of the operator) or ordering a bigger GENERATION MACHINE

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Base and Mattress factory for sale  ( Bed manufacturing business)All equipment is brand new Manufacture the following; Single Size Three quarter, Double Size King size queen Size Innerspring Beds Foam beds cheap to expensive mattresses with the bases Foam bedspring beds Baby mattresses Bakkie Mattresses Hotel Beds Correctional bedsit beds Caravan beds and more...Complete suppliers list supplied with training, this industry grows by the day. Every person must sleep if they are 3 yrs old to 103 yrs old, every person must sleep. You can go without a TV, wardrobe, or even clothes but not a bed. 57 Million people in South Africa Alone...This is why this industry is so huge and this product is in such demand. Complete factory call for an appointment. With this factory you can make all types and sizes of beds, The machines are brand new and we supply you with all the suppliers you need to make beds. There is just too much to mention so please call for all the information and we will be glad to assist you. 2024 customer leads

Whatsapp 072 916 4252

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