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Tape Edge Mattress Machines for sale 

Please note we do not sell business opportunities or businesses we only manufacture and supply bed equipment for the bed business industry


Our Tape Edge machines are high-speed and have a smooth operation, improving your production efficiency. Our Mattress machines are silent fast Tape edge bed manufacturing machines. We have been producing mattress tape edge machines for the past 35 years. We are the biggest supplier of Tape edge bed manufacturing machines in Africa. Our bed Tape edge mattress machines are made to last in the African harsh environment. Our Tape edge machines are always being tested to last.

Tape edge machines

A tape edge machine is a type of sewing machine used in the bedding industry to finish the top and bottom edges of a mattress. The machine is used to stitch the top and bottom panels of a mattress to the mattress edge, and cover that raw edge with a protective tape or ribbon. Our tape-edge machines are fully automated, capable of turning corners and mattresses without any extra effort from the operator.

The protective tape attached by a tape-edge machine, also known as tape-edge or binding tape, can be either knit or woven and come in various patterns and colors.

New mattress tape edge machine complete with sewing lockstitch head for sale.


Chainstitch head with table also available


All machines come with a warranty


All spares for machines available


Contact us for more information


Base and Mattress factory for sale  ( Bed manufacturing business)
All equipment is brand new Manufacture the following;

Single Size
Three quarter,
Double Size
King size
Queen Size
Innerspring Beds
Foam beds cheap to expensive mattresses with the bases
Foam beds
Spring beds
Baby mattresses
Bakkie Mattresses
Hotel Beds
Correctional beds
Pet beds
Caravan beds
And more...
Complete suppliers list supplied with training, this industry grows by the day. Every person must sleep if they are 3 yrs old to 103 yrs old, every person must sleep. You can go without a TV, wardrobe, or even clothes but not a bed. 57 Million people in South Africa Alone...This is why this industry is so huge and this product is in such demand. Complete factory call for an appointment. With this factory you can make all types and sizes of beds, The machines are brand new and we supply you with all the suppliers you need to make beds. There is just too much to mention so please call for all the information and we will be glad to assist you. 2023 customer leads included

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Items Available: 10

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Open Coil Mattress Component

If you’re searching for an open coil mattress (also called a traditional innerspring mattress), then chances are that you’ve run across the term “open coil component.” This term refers to the structure and configuration of the coils used in the supportive layer of a mattress.

Discover how open coil mattresses have evolved over time and how innovations in coil technology are helping sleepers get improved support

What is an Open Coil Mattress Component?

Open coil mattresses first went on the market in the 1930s and are still produced today. In an open coil component, coils are interconnected and typically hourglass-shaped. While this style of coil mattress can still provide adequate support for children and young teens, it is not ideal for adults.

Here’s why: Imagine your hand pressing down onto a series of interconnected coils. As you apply pressure, not only the coils under your hand move, but so do those in the surrounding area.

Now, imagine how these effects might play out under the full weight of an adult human body. The compression of the coils under the body’s naturally heavier areas (like your shoulders and hips) will also cause adjoining coils to compress, causing areas like your lower back or neck to fall out of alignment.

Where You’ll Find Our Open Coil Mattress Components

Our innerspring mattresses. However, they are only recommended for children, teens or limited use spaces.

Because they are typically less expensive, mattresses using open coil components can be ideal for children who are growing quickly. These mattresses also make good guest beds and starter mattresses for children who are transitioning from a crib to a bed.

What is Mattress Foam Made Of?

When most people talk about mattress foam, they’re referring to memory foam. Traditional, viscoelastic memory foam is made by combining the polymer polyurethane with chemicals that increase the material’s viscosity. Traditional memory foam material is a closed-cell material, meaning that its cells don’t contain the air pockets engineered to create open-cell foam, foam which improves breathability.

Engineers of foam alternatives have since included different additives in their foam products that produce extra benefits such as improved breathability, moisture-wicking, and more.

Types of Foam Components and How They’re Used:

Advances in foam technology have created mattress foams that provide a variety of firmnesses, heat dissipation, and better durability. The following are the types of foam mattress components we use in our handmade mattresses.

Memory foam:

The most famous of the foams, traditional “closed cell” memory foam is best known for its ability to cradle the body, help provide pressure point relief, and minimize motion transfer. It can be used in the comfort layer (i.e. top layer) of hybrid mattresses or to create an all-foam or 100% foam mattress using foams of different densities in different layers. 100% memory foam mattresses are not ideal for hot sleepers.

High-density foam:

High-density foam is just that: high-density. An increase in density increases the firmness of the foam, making this foam an ideal base layer for support in our 100% memory foam mattresses. However, high-density foam can also be used in other layers of the mattress, including the comfort layer, to provide a medium-firm to firm feel.

High-resilience foam:

With its more buoyant feel, high-resilience foam — called HR foam in our showroom — mimics many of the properties of latex to the point that, if the luxury of latex isn’t in your budget, HR foam may be an ideal compromise. 

The resilient properties of HR foam keep sleepers from sinking into their mattress. Some individuals like this feeling, but those who don’t typically dislike it for one or a combination of the following reasons: it makes them feel trapped, it makes it difficult to switch sleeping positions, or it makes it difficult to get out of bed. 

Lumbar support foam:

Lumbar support foam is made for sleepers who need extra back support but love the feeling of foam. This material is comprised of specially-engineered, high-resilience, 3-zoned foam and is a new technology. Use it as a comfort layer over our quantum coil base.

Latex mattresses aren’t actually foam mattresses, but they share so many of the same properties that they’re worth a mention here. Latex is a natural, green, luxury product. It is naturally more resilient and buoyant than foam, making it ideal for back and side sleepers who need extra support. Mattress Makers uses natural Talalay latex in our all-latex mattresses and in latex comfort layers. 

Serene foam

Serene foam is a new technology that helps improve the breathability of the material. Unlike traditional memory foam, which is closed-cell foam, serene foam is an open-cell, meaning that the cells create “bubbles” that allow air to move more freely throughout the foam. This ultimately helps create a cooler sleeping surface. When used, serene foam is placed in the comfort layer of mattresses.

What is a Quantum Coil Pocket Spring Mattress?

1. A coil with a small diameter, promoting active support 

The Quantum coil is a type of individually wrapped coil mattress — a mattress made of coils that are each housed in pockets of fabric and that can move independently, providing each area of your body with individualized support and contouring and minimizing motion transfer.

One of the main qualities that makes a Quantum coil different from your typical individually wrapped coil is the size of a Quantum coil’s diameter. The smaller diameter of these micro-coils enables Quantum coil mattresses to house more than your average number of coils — and thus provide 200% more coils than your average amount of precise support. 

Since the small diameter of the coil does create so much support, Quantum coil mattresses are great for sleepers who need a medium-firm to firm mattress, sleepers with weight concerns, and sleepers with injuries.

Narrow diameter quantum coils also keep foam support layers from digging into the top of the coil, a process that can eventually lead to a lumpy mattress.

2. An investment that can last a lifetime

Quantum coil mattresses are made using first-rate materials. The heat-treated, high-tensile, stress-relieved micro-coils are highly resilient and made to hold their shape. Subject to regular wear and tear, these mattresses can last for (or even outlast) the lifetime of their owners.

3. A coil that provides a cool sleeping surface

A mattress made with individually wrapped coils like the Quantum coil transfer heat 28% more efficiently than all-foam and all-latex mattress options. Our Quantum coil mattress components are used in the support layer of hybrid mattresses (mattresses that frequently use an individually wrapped coil base with a foam or latex comfort layer). An individually wrapped coil base like the Quantum coil gives the heat from your body and/or from the comfort layer of your mattress somewhere to go, helping you stay cool throughout the night. 

4. An eco-friendly pocketed spring option

The fine wire coils that comprise Quantum coil mattress components are made using repurposed steel, making the Quantum coil a greener pocketed spring mattress option for environmentally conscious buyers.

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