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Mattress Tape Edge Machines 

Please note we do not sell business opportunities or businesses we only manufacture and supply bed equipment for the bed business industry

Gauteng Bed Manufacturers

Looking for beds? We manufacture high-quality beds of all sizes and for all occasions.  We strive to deliver the best beds at affordable prices.

At our factory, we can manufacture hundreds of superb quality beds.  We supply furniture shops, hostels as well as individuals.  We are always able to assist you and your specific needs

Choose from a wide variety of mattresses ranging from standard to the most luxurious and deluxe.  Whether you’re opening an Airbnb, or require a bed for your guestroom, you will certainly find the perfect bed for your exact requirements. 

Look no further for quality beds at an affordable price. Send a request for beds to WhatsApp at 072 916 4252

We manufacture base and mattress sets for both the wholesale, and retail markets, as well as selling directly to the public at very competitive prices. Bamboo Bed Manufacturing is a business specializing in the sale and manufacturing of beds to the public market. We have over 30 years of experience in the furniture retail industry having had numerous retail shops in the South Africa region. With continuous demands on competitive pricing, retail shrinkage, and personal safety we have restructured the business to streamline our outlet to online sales only, supplying from our Bed manufacturers in Africa.

Single beds are the most common bed size in South Africa. They are the first beds that most of us have when we are children, designed to support growing bodies and help us to rest. Single beds are always going to be a very popular choice of bed for children, especially since there is such a variety of single mattresses that are just perfect for the specific sleep needs of a child. The single bed is not just for the growing child. Adults living on their own with limited space might find that the single bed is a perfectly comfortable fit.

When a child outgrows their single bed or if you are looking for a bigger bed but one that is a happy medium between the single and the double, you have the three quarter. This is a rather popular bed, especially as a bed for the growing teenager. It is more affordable than jumping to a double bed when there is no need just yet. Three-quarter beds for sale are available in some of the world’s biggest bed brand names and these days your selection means finding a bed that can fully support your sleeping.

Double beds for sale are arguably the most popular beds out there. Ideal for those who are looking to stretch out and make the most of their sleeping space, as well as those who are sharing their beds with a partner, the number of double beds on the market will provide you with a selection of great options. For many people, this is the best bed size and since it can quite comfortably fit into any bedroom, the best brands in the world sell double beds.

Looking to treat your body to a luxurious night of sleep? Having a bigger bed could be the answer to enjoying better sleep. These queen beds are generally ideal for people of all ages and with the right mattress, your body will be properly supported every night. Adults looking for a bigger sleeping space to share might find that the queen-sized bed is the better option for their sleep needs, thanks to the broader sleeping area. One thing that you need to be sure of when you buy one of the many queen-size beds on sale is that you have the right bed frame and base ( based on your ideal dimension ). Your mattress needs to comfortably fit onto a base so that you can enjoy the mattress’ features.

Also known as the big daddy of beds the "King king-size beds" are in huge demand, and we offer the best prices on king-size beds Available from some of South Africa’s best-known beds as well, as internationally known for their wonderfully comfortable beds, the king-size bed is made for those who love their sleep. Best of all it is on SALE NOW. These beds are just the perfect size for those who enjoy spreading out when they sleep and although the beds are made to be quite large, they don’t for a moment skimp on quality.

It could be that the width of your single bed is perfect, but that the length is somewhat lacking. Don’t let this worry you, there is always the option of adding length when you opt for the single XL bed. A single bed can fit into just about any bedroom. With their versatility and because they can be manufactured to support all body shapes and sizes, the single bed remains one of the more popular beds on today’s market. There are many instances in which a single bed can be the ideal option. Great for a child’s bedroom while also perfectly suitable for a spare bedroom or even for use as a day bed, you will always find a handy use for your single bed.

Whether you are looking to furnish a spare bedroom or looking for a bigger bed for your growing child, the three-quarter will give you the space that you need. The perfect size when you want a bed that is a bit bigger than your single options but not as space-consuming as a double, you will find that there is plenty to be enjoyed when you have a three-quarter bed. Going for this size when looking for more sleep space can be the more affordable route and once your child outgrows their three quarter, you can always relegate the bed to your spare room. 3/4 beds are for sale now!

The double bed is a more common bed for adults. Providing enough space for a couple to comfortably sleep while also ideal for those single people who love to have extra sleep space, a double bed remains the most popular bed size on today’s market. What you might find, however, is that a double bed does not provide the length needed, should you be on the taller side. Double XL beds are the obvious choice when you are looking to add a little extra length. These beds are ideal for use in the home as well as in accommodation facilities.

Certainly South Africa’s most popular bed size, the single mattress is great for children as well as those who are looking to save a little space in their bedrooms. At The Bed Manufacturer in Gauteng, you can buy single mattresses in South Africa, all at great prices! The reason for the popularity of these mattresses lies in their affordability as well as the fact that they are the starting bed for most children. When paired with a comfortable mattress, these are the ideal beds for growing bodies.

You’ve looked at all the models and read all the reviews and now you have decided to buy three-quarter mattresses. If this mattress has ticked all the boxes, making it the best bed for your needs, then you are well on your way to better sleep. But before you make your purchase, let us tell you a little more about the three-quarter mattresses we have for sale. The three-quarter bed is one of the more popular mattress sizes on the market.

As a taller person, you might find that the dimensions of three-quarter XL mattresses are perfect for extra leg space. The width might be just perfect, but when your feet are hanging over the edge, you might want to consider buying a new mattress that has extra length. Luckily, mattress suppliers, such as The bed manufacturer, are more than happy to provide for those who need this extra room, by stocking beds with extra length.

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