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Please note we do not sell business opportunities or businesses we only manufacture and supply bed equipment for the bed business industry

We pride ourselves in the fact that we believe in the traditional standards of Tape edge machine bed manufacturer quality, coupled with the latest technology in tape edge machines fabrics, materials, machinery, and methods to manufacture a range of products that has the best of all these worlds. bed manufacturers 

Our long term experience in tape edge machine engineering and manufacturing stands us in very good stead when it comes to mattress and bed set machine manufacturing. bed manufacturers 

We fully own an extensive range of the highest tech tape edge quilting and mattress manufacturing machinery available on the market today, used in the manufacture of our traditional quality products. bed manufacturers 

Our products are exceptionally well-engineered and manufactured tape edge machines to the highest quality standards to ensure you, our customer an exceptional product, a product that is manufactured to last.

Bed Manufacturing Machinery

We have invested in and own the latest high tech tape edge manufacturing equipment, from automated  machines to the latest high tech mattress manufacturing machinery available bed manufacturers 


bed manufacturers FACTORY

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This Tape edge machine is mainly used for a spring mattress, under the fabric, and to sew the side edges of the sides between material, but also for other upholstered sewing mattresses, sleeping bags, tents, and more.
Has the following characteristics:
1. The use of advanced non-comb or comb machine heads.
2. Automatic lifting bench via tape edge chain system manually done.
3. Automatically adjusts the angle of the nose via Tape edge up and down handle.
4. Sewing, carriage driving frequency stepless speed regulation, automatic deceleration turn position Tape Edge.
5. Suture straight, uniform, and appearance Tape edge.
6. Set the rack level adjustment device to Tape edge.
7. Stable operation, little vibration, low noise Tape edge.

+ 27 72-916-4252 

Please note we do not sell business opportunities or businesses we only manufacture and supply bed equipment for the bed business industry

Base and Mattress factory for sale  ( Bed manufacturing )All equipment is brand new Manufacture the following; Single Size Three quarter, Double Size King size queen Size Innerspring Beds Foam beds cheap to expensive mattresses with the bases Foam bedspring beds Baby mattresses Bakkie Mattresses Hotel Beds Correctional bedsit beds Caravan beds and more...Complete suppliers list supplied with training, this industry grows by the day. Every person must sleep if they are 3 yrs old to 103 yrs old, every person must sleep. You can go without a TV, wardrobe, or even clothes but not a bed. 57 Million people in South Africa Alone...This is why this industry is so huge and this product is in such demand. Complete factory call for an appointment. With this factory you can make all types and sizes of beds, The machines are brand new and we supply you with all the suppliers you need to make beds. There is just too much to mention so please call for all the information and we will be glad to assist you. 2023 customer leads

Call 062-574-5440 to view items Available:

Please visit for more information have a look at the YOUTUBE link below for a video 0625745440 to view the FACTORY

+ 27 72-916-4252 
+ 27 72-916-4252 

We offer high-quality bed machines at affordable prices with speedy delivery throughout Gauteng available with a few clicks of your mouse, no matter where you choose to buy a bed machine from our showroom. But one thing is certain you will never have to rush out to find your bed machine perfect for you, because we are in Gauteng.

Choose between our popular foam or spring bed machines which are locally manufactured, or our silent Tape Edge Machine range or even consider our pocket spring or latex foam supplier range options. Getting the best beds or bed tape edge machines is always possible with our showroom that will suit any Tape edge machine need. You can buy a wide range of bed Tape edge machines directly from us for quick delivery anywhere in Gauteng available. All of your bedroom essentials are available in our one-stop shop.

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+ 27 72-916-4252 
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