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  • Bed Manufacturing machinery made and produced in South Africa

  • Tape edge machines for sale in South Africa

  • Bedding component supplier in South Africa

  • Tape Edger for sale in South Africa

  • Bed Tape edger for sale South Africa

  • Tape edge training South Africa

We manufacture machinery that makes bed's TAPE EDGE Machines. We supply bedding equipment for the past 35 years. Start your own bed factory today complete with, suppliers list, training videos, documentation needed all included call us today and come view the bed factory machines on offer. call 062-574-5440

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Bed Manufacturing is a  profitable industry. Have you wanted to start your own factory and never knew what business to start? The bed manufacturing production industry is massive.


The decision to start your own factory will change the rest of your life. If you’re considering this, or possibly improving or extending your current business, then talking to Bed Manufacturing is the best possible decision you can make.

As a leading supplier of machines across the African continent, we believe we have a factory for you to consider.

We offer leading industry equipment to small- and medium-sized businesses to produce which are in huge daily demand, for the bed manufacturing industry. call 062-574-5440 for more info

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