Conditions of Sale -
Standard Machine Tools

NB. Terms not in writing do not form any part of any sales agreement.

General-Terms and Conditions

      Important Notice:
All our Machinery have a carry-in Warranty. All repairs can only be done at our office in Kempton Park or our Factory.



  • Seller does not assist in finding or supplying and type of premises to the buyer.




  • The seller supplies training in the form of training videos, however, the seller does have access to an independent trained resource. Please note this resource does not work or is not employed by the seller. The seller may if needed furnish the buyer with such contact details but the buyer must engage on its own time and cost with the resource regarding commissioning and training.

  • The training manual is not for the operation of the machine but more as an assistant to give the buyer a glimpse into the factory, the buyer can alter or edit this manual as the buyer pleases. 

      Purchasing our machines

       The seller urges the buyer to do his or her own research and homework regarding the purchasing of the machines. THE                   BUYER MUST NOT ONLY RELY ON ANY REPRESENTATIONS for its decision making towards the purchase of any equipment.

  • Starting a business or any form of a business startup is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the Business markets and is suitable for special driven individuals and institutions or innovators. The possibility is direct, indirect, consequential, or other exists that you could sustain a substantial loss of funds and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. We at Skynet T/A BCSA direct, indirect, consequential, or other can and shall not guarantee the success of any startup venture started with any of our equipment in any way form, or method.

  • The purchaser hereby distances Skynet T/A BCSA /company/cc/any representative direct, indirect, consequential, or other from any legal action that may arise from this transaction and the buyer takes full responsibility for the understanding of this transaction.

  • No direct, indirect, consequential, or other income amount or percentage of the actual success that can or should be created can be guaranteed in any sense whatsoever by Skynet T/A BCSA /Company/Representative/cc. No aspect of this or any representation towards this or any idea supplied to create an income from this equipment supplied can or shall be guaranteed by Skynet/cc/company/representative. The machinery is manufactured and sold by Skynet, no support is provided to the client in the running of the client's business.


  • Binder supplied is the standard factory size
    Any bigger binder is for buyers account


  • NB! If the consumer is found to be direct, indirect, consequential, or other misusing or abuse of goods or products or tampering with any settings direct, indirect, consequential, or other ( electrical or manual)/machine head/opening any part of the closed machine ( electrical or manual) including resetting any settings while under warranty, including but not limited direct, indirect, consequential, or other inappropriate use the warranties are null and void.


  • Settings are set standard with the delivery of head from the head manufacturer.

  • There is NO WARRANTY on Head timing, as the timing is preset by the supplier.
    Please note we do not set the timing or "bobbin Timing” direct, indirect, consequential, or other settings on the head.

  • If the settings do change direct, indirect, consequential, or other then the re-settings cost will be for buyers' own account on acquiring a technician that specializes in such timing settings. Setting the timing may cost up to R2500.00. The Sewing Head must be returned to BMCSA"S Premises by the buyer, and at the buyer's cost.

  • The head has been pre-set by the Head supplier in timing and tested by the supplier on delivery.

  • It is the sole discretion of the client to check and verify the timing is correct upon acceptance of the Tape edge machine.

  • Any changes to such timing direct, indirect, consequential, or other settings shall be for the buyer's own account.

  • We shall not be liable direct, indirect, consequential, or other for any alleged damages caused by Timing or Machine not Stitching Material.


  • Belt not covered under warranty belt

  • The belt is available at R 1650.00 plus VAT

  • Any alterations to machine discards warrantee

      With every machine bought you need some additional machinery for example( This will differ from customer to customer              needs)

  • 1. Small Compressor

  • 2. Staple gun ( industrial)

  • 3. Scissors

  • 5. If needed "working Tables"

  • 6. Industrial Stitching machine

  • Please note this is not an existing business but just the machines ( we do explain this when you come and view the machines) 

  • Also once we make contact with any potential client we explain that we manufacture the machines only. 

  • Please note we do not guarantee any customers or contracts or bed sales, we do supply a customer lead base. But it is exactly what it says a "leads" Base there is no guarantee that any customer will purchase the products you have made.

  • Covid shall also play a role in your sales, as no one can guarantee the outcome of business at the moment. 

  • Training is only supplied in the form of a video, we do not supply physical training or supply any operator or workers for your business.

            Sales Margins

  • sales margins can not be guaranteed by the seller. Lucritivity can also not be guaranteed by the seller. 



Any orders that may come to our website for beds needed ( THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED) may be redirected to our clients if such requests are available ( again this is not guaranteed and not a condition of sale)

The seller does not guarantee any contracts for bed sales or customers to purchase your products, you as the buyer will be responsible for your own marketing and sales and acquiring your customers for your bed and product sales.



Any POTENTIAL CUSTOMER ORDERS comes from WEB inquiries via our website, we have no control over any potential order requests as we never know when or what type of order requests may come in. Any POTENTIAL CUSTOMER ORDERS is not guaranteed by the seller, The sale of the equipment is not based on any such promise and is not a condition of sale from the seller. It is up to the buyer to canvas and to obtain their own orders, If such requests should be available the seller at his full discretion may forward the information to whom he sees fit, please note this is not a guaranteed promise or a condition of sale by the seller.

  • The seller must obtain permission from and leads supplied before engaging with customers

  • The customer leads lists supplied are purchased lead lists from a leads supply company.

  • We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information contained in the purchased list supplied.

  • The leads list's content's accuracy may and cannot be guaranteed by the seller.

  • There are no guarantees supplied that any clients from the leads list supplied may purchase or use your service or product.

  •  The buyer must not rely on the leads list only as this is not a condition of sale, and has been cautioned by the seller to obtain/build their own client base, client lists as well.

  • The Recipient agrees and acknowledges that it/ he /she may not and will not rely solely on the lead list supplied.

  • The recipient must do their own advertising and marketing and find their own customers.

  • The Recipient by signing the T/C  in its/ his/ her assessment of the condition supplied in making its / his / her decision with respect to the purchased lead list that is supplied, that the recipient fully understands and is completely satisfied with this condition.

  • Please note the customer lead list included is not a condition of sale. Once the customer signs the collection terms and conditions it is accepted by the seller that the buyer understands and acknowledges that the buyer has explained this to the buyer.

  • The Seller does not guarantee or supply any contracts or clients for your venture or any other business or client referrals for any income generation FUTURE OR PRESENT, this is equipment only (direct, indirect, consequential, or other).

  • The Seller does not refer or supply clients, it is the buyer's sole responsibility in acquiring clients, the buyer by signing this agreement agrees to terms and conditions. 

  • Customers MUST engage in forms/ means to acquire their own clients. The Seller supplies machinery only.

  • No referral fees or bonuses shall be due to customers.

  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing any verbal agreement if not in writing and not included in writing on this condition shall not form part of the sales agreement


  • Where production figures are given, it is understood they are estimates based on calculations and put forward in good faith but are not guaranteed. The purchaser assumes responsibility for the capacity and performance of the goods being sufficient and suitable for the purchaser’s purpose and for the purchaser’s premises being suited to the installation and operation of the plant and or machinery. The seller does not install equipment.

  • Bed amount production per day on all of our machines is operator capability dependant, we do not guarantee manufacturing times per bed as there are too many variables that will affect this. Times supplied may not be correct or accurate and estimate times only.

  • Manufacturing times are based on entry-level beds, with pre-preparation done on a mattress before it goes onto the bed machine, as well as the operator's level of experience. The higher the quality the more components are needed, and the more time for production per bed will be needed. 



  • The seller shall not incur any liability whether for direct or consequential loss or damage arising out of any contract sale, specification or description other than that herein set out and expressly contract out of any liability for any implied warranty or representations express or implied and out of any liability arising from negligence whether ordinary or gross.

  • Where the seller manufactures or supplies goods to the purchaser’s specifications and/or drawings, or carries out work according to the purchaser’s instructions or those of his advisers, the seller accepts no responsibility for the efficiency or workability of goods manufactured or work carried out. In this regard, the purchaser indemnifies the seller in respect of any claim arising from any infringement of any patent or other rights occasioned by the execution of any order in pursuance of the purchaser’s specific requirements or from any loss arising therefrom.

  • The seller shall not be liable for any options expressed or undertakings given not embodied herein, save and except such as may be mutually agreed upon. In particular, it is specifically agreed that the seller does not warrant that the goods are suitable for any particular purpose.


  • Illustrations, drawings, dimensions, or weights submitted in connection with any quotation are given in good faith and are approximate only and shall not form part of the contract unless specifically confirmed by the seller. Freight charges are based on packing specifications as furnished to the seller by its supplier at the time of quotation but in the event of any alteration to the specification, any variation in the freight charges will be for the account of the purchaser.

       Trade secrets and production protection

  • As part of our protection promise at BMCSA, we understand how important it is for you as the buyer not to allow anyone in your business operations. We know this is just an equipment sale and the BMCSA shall under no circumstances whatsoever refer or send an individual to your factory setup or shop to view your equipment or products sold or your operations. Your business is your business and not ours. We value your privacy. 

       Please Note Manufacturing Process

  • The bed manufacturing process is concluded as the "TAPE EDGE MACHINE" covering the mattress and the base covered on its own. The base COVER may also be TAPE EDGE on the table if needed. ( DEPENDING ON THE TYPE OF BED PRODUCED) 

       Financial advice and Purchase decisions

  • NB: The seller does not give financial advice, and it must not be taken as financial advice. The seller urges the buyer to please talk to a qualified financial adviser before purchasing the seller's machines.  Everything you hear I the seller have said is just my opinion and thoughts, and it might be wrong or incorrect as times and business change and fluctuate over the years. Covid has also had an impact on business that was out of anyone's control. I urge you to do your own research and follow your own thoughts, mind, and actions. My success may not be your success, what has worked for me might not work for you. Any information leading up to this agreement might be wrong as times change and business change, and may not be guaranteed by the seller. This is just an equipment sale only and will be treated as such. The seller does not warrant that the; information, content, materials, products (including software), or services included on or otherwise made available to you through this sale; their servers; or e-mail sent from the Seller is correct or useful to the Purchaser.

  • All and any decision made by the buyer was done with the full and clear understanding by the buyer that the success of this venture will rest upon the buyer with no Warrantees of any sort from the Seller.

  • All the aspects of signing these or any terms and conditions on our website or invoice supplied must be read and understood by Purchaser/Any representative/person the seller herby accepts that once the buyer signed any documentation that the buyer in full and clear understanding accepts the terms on any website or documentation supplied, the purchaser is signing in full and clear conscience.

  • By signing these or any terms and conditions I the undersigned on any documentation hereby bind myself as to be of the full right mind to sign these documents/ terms and conditions.

  • The Purchaser/client shall indemnify the Company and seller against all actions, suits, claims, demands, costs, charges, and expenses arising in connection with the negligence, infringement of altering any or part thereof section/part/goods supplied intellectual or legal rights or breach of statutory duty of the Provider, his subcontractors, agents or servants, or from the Providers equipment supplied to the Purchaser.




  • We reserve the right to bill the buyer/finance entity for unforeseen variations in our cost factors relating to Invoiced Goods and Services regardless of Amounts Owing or Fully Paid Invoices.



  • The time stated for delivery is given in good faith based on current industrial and shipping conditions as well as information, furnished by the manufacturers and/or suppliers and is approximate only and the seller will attempt to have the goods delivered within a reasonable time after the conclusion of the transaction or agreement. The seller is however not in a position to give any warranty with regard to exact delivery dates.

  • Seller reserves the right to extend delivery times and hold products in transit to best make use of shared shipping/transport.



  • Ownership of the goods supplied will remain in the seller until the entire purchase price and all other sums due shall have been fully paid.

  • If equipment is not collected on the date of completion storage charges, transport charges, packaging charges, liens, attorney and client costs, and collection agency fees and other necessary expenses in connection therewith, the purchaser shall forthwith make payment to the seller of the amount of such deficiency.

  • If the unpaid balance plus interest is not satisfied by the nett proceeds of such sale after deducting the expenses of taking possession of and making any repairs necessary to the place the goods in a salable condition, storage charges, taxes, liens, attorney and client costs, and collection agency fees and other necessary expenses in connection therewith, the purchaser shall forthwith make payment to the seller of the amount of such deficiency.


  • The seller shall be entitled, without prejudice to its other rights or remedies, to cancel the contract wholly or in part or to suspend any further deliveries under the contract in any of the following events:-

       1.  If any debt due by the purchaser to the seller is not paid;

       2. If the purchaser has failed to provide within the time specified by the seller any letter of credit, bills of exchange, or any other           security required by the contract;
       3. If the purchaser or its agent has failed to take delivery of any goods in terms of the contract;
       4. If the purchaser compromises or attempts to compromise with its creditors or commits any act of insolvency or allows any            final judgment to remain unsatisfied for seven days or longer, or, being an individual, surrenders his estate or is                                 sequestrated or being a corporation or a company is liquidated or applies for business rescue.



  • Interest at 1.5% (one and a half percent) per annum above current bank prime overdraft will be payable by the purchaser on all overdue accounts but the seller will at all times be entitled to abandon this claim for interest should it so wish.

      Warrantee on collection

  •  The seller and the purchaser have inspected the goods and both agree that the goods supplied are suitable for the use for which they are intended.

  • The purchaser is aware that any goods purchased from the seller must be operated by a proper qualified operator or technician and the operator/technician has been made aware of the risk involved in operating the machine or the goods and the seller will not be liable for any damages caused as a result of the failure of the purchaser to use the goods or operate the goods by unqualified personnel.

  •  The purchaser has also been made aware of the fact that the goods sold must be properly maintained with the goods and the purchaser has been adequately instructed and warned about the use of the goods, the potential hazard that may arise from the goods, and with the use of the goods sold. The purchaser has examined and chosen the goods himself and is satisfied with the condition thereof.

  •  In the event of any amendments or changes being made to the goods after being in the control of the seller, the seller will not be liable in terms of the guarantee as set out in the act.

        New Goods ( under Guarantee)

The seller undertakes at its option to replace or repair any defective goods or any defective part thereof subject to the following conditions:-

  • The purchaser shall in writing give the seller full details of any alleged defects within seven days of the defects becoming apparent;

  • The purchaser shall be responsible for the costs of any necessary dismantling and re-assembly and shall if the seller so requests return the allegedly defective goods or parts to it for examination or for any other purpose;

  •  If the seller does not in its discretion accept that the goods or part are defective it shall be under no obligation in terms of this agreement save that the purchaser shall at its cost be entitled to have such goods or parts submitted to the manufacturer or determine whether the manufacturer will replace or repair them;

  • All transport and associated costs in relation to conveying goods or parts pursuant to this guarantee to or from the seller to the manufacturer shall be paid by the purchaser.

  • Ownership of any goods or parts which are replaced shall revert to the seller.

  • This guarantee is limited to 12 months from the date of delivery and all the terms set out in this paragraph are subject to the warranty as set out in Section 56 of the Act. All electrical goods carry a Limited 3 months from the date of the delivery guarantee. 

     Second-Hand Goods or Used Goods

  • Second-hand goods and used goods are sold “voetstoots” (As-is) and a guarantee of three months is given in terms of the Act.


  • The purchaser shall provide for the erection and install the goods sold after delivery 

  • The seller does not erect or install goods.
  •  The purchaser shall provide and prepare the site for the erection and/or installation at its own expense, the seller is not involved in any way with such preparation.
  • Any extra cost in erection or installation, incurred by the seller by reason of suspension of work, delays, overtime or other causes beyond the seller’s control or arising from the purchaser’s default or variation of the original instructions shall be for the purchaser’s account.
  • The purchaser shall supply all power, air, fuel, oil, or water necessary for the purposes.
  • If due to causes beyond the seller’s control the seller is in no way whatsoever responsible for the commissioning if it cannot take place on completion of erection or installation.


  • Failure by the seller to enforce any of its rights under these conditions shall not be deemed to be a variation or waiver of its rights under these conditions, all of which shall remain vested with the seller from the date of accrual of such rights.

  • The seller will use its best endeavors to implement the contract within the time fixed or any extension thereof, but shall not be held responsible for delays in delivery, erection or installation due to breakdown of machinery, strikes, labour dispute, war, riot, civil commotion, shortage of material or labour, pandemic delays in delivery from overseas shippers or manufacturers, transportation, accidents, regulations or orders of any authority or other causes beyond the seller’s control.

  • Time shall not be of the essence in respect of this contract except where it is specifically so stated.


  • This contract and invoice terms form the entire contract between the seller and the purchaser. No variation of the contract, unless in writing, signed by both parties shall be of any force or effect. In particular and without limiting the generality of the aforegoing of contract emanating from the purchaser, whether contained in an order, by way of counter-offer or in any other manner, will replace, supplement or vary these conditions unless specifically agreed to in writing by the seller.


  • NB! If the consumer is found to be direct, indirect, consequential, or other misusing or abuse of goods or products or tampering with any settings direct, indirect, consequential, or other ( electrical or manual)/machine head/opening any part of the closed machine ( electrical or manual) including resetting any settings while under warranty, including but not limited direct, indirect, consequential, or other inappropriate use the warranties are null and void.

      1. Green Belt

  • The Long Green Belt is not covered under warranty new belt replacement costs R1650.00 per belt.

  • Any alterations to the machine discard warrantee.

      2. Tape Edge Binder

  • Binder supplied is the standard factory size, and is not covered under the warranty

  • Any bigger binder is for buyers account

  • Cost of binder replacement R 950.00 per binder

  • Any alterations to the machine will disregard the complete warranty

      3. Electrical Items

  • Electrical Items carries a 30-day warrantee as per the supplier’s terms and conditions. ( as per original suppliers terms and conditions). This is not covered by BMCSA but by the original supplier.

      4. Return to base warranty

  • Skynet has a 3 month (90 days) ( From Date of the collection) return to base limited direct, indirect, consequential, or other conditional repair warranty policy on Tape edge machine, this means the buyer agrees that at their own cost the buyer shall return only with full written permission from Skynet T/A BMCSA the equipment in mention to Skynet’s T/A BMCSA  premises, this is for buyers own account. Excluding Electrical please see the electrical warranty for more info. Excluding the head and long belt.

      5. Sewing Head

       Tampering of machine head 

  • Please note if the machine head has been tampered with, repaired, altered, or any other repairs, adjustments that do not form part or according to the supplier's terms and conditions by a qualified technician, then the warranty of the head will be void.

  • Machine head has n 3-month warranty from the respective supplier. BMCSA does not carry any warranty concerning electrical or machine head  

  • Once repairs have been done, the buyer will on their account arrange for pickup/collection of such mentioned equipment.

  • Skynet does not do any repairs at client premises under any circumstances whatsoever.

  • The purchaser has inspected the Goods/Stock/Equipment on pickup from Skynet premises/ other pickup address supplied by Skynet T/A BMCSA and hereby acknowledges that Skynet invited, urged, and cautioned Purchaser to inspect the Goods and Purchaser has inspected and examined the same.

  •  The purchaser accepts the goods/equipment to be in acceptance to a satisfactory standard. The warranty starts from the date of collection. Skynet T/A BMCSA does not supply any reset codes on equipment sold all settings must be done by qualified Skynet technicians.  Please refer to the WARRANTY VOID section in terms and conditions.

It is important to note that the seller provides his opinion regarding any potential sales figures and bed industry information. Any opinions provided by the seller to the buyer may not be accepted as fact. The seller urges the buyer to conduct his own research regarding the bed manufacturing industry prior to finalizing the purchase. All sales are final.

Terms and conditions on our invoices and website are final and no alterations by the buyer shall be accepted after the signing of and documentation shall be accepted. 


Please note this is not the full terms and conditions

Please ask the seller for full terms and conditions