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We supply you the machines and material Suppliers list   // Customers lead list supplied // Complete training Video Supplied // All Factory Documentation needed // Material Costing XCEL sheets // Much more...bed manufacturers Call +27 62574 5440




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Generation 6

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Generation 5

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Made with our Generation 6

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This bed was Manufactured with our GENERATION 6 


What our customer Say

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I and my husband have been searching for that perfect fit, well needless to say we found it in the GEN 5 setup. Our gratitude goes far beyond just saying thank you, we have been going for more than five years and just ordered the new GEN 6 MAX. I am so excited can't wait to have the new baby in our collection of great machines. I want the GEN 7 MAX next.

Mandy Oslon
South Africa

In Africa we need reliable and well build machine, we found exactly this in the GEN 5 machine, Our first machine obtained 12 years ago is still running like crazy, we have acquired our 7th machine now and still getting bigger because of your durable design. Our latest upgrade to the new GEN 6 PRO has placed us in a different league.
My dream is to own a GEN8 PRO.

Joe Mabatso

I'm not a young man anymore and just wanted to get into something to keep me busy. To my surprise, your setup was exactly what I was looking for, easy to run and of course, the profit is a great bonus, I am creating my retirement fund. Thank you for everything

Mr. Jeso Lamela

What a wonderful experience dealing with such pleasant people, your service and equipment has made the world's difference in my business our third machine in just a year and a half says it all. From the Naido family, we want to say thank you from our hearts. The new Gen 6 machine is fantastic.

Mr. Abdul Naido
SA Exporter

You have restored my faith in humanity. The quality of your machines is truly remarkable. Our Factory was using a cheap bed machine because I thought I just wanted to start and get into the business. We changed from cheap quality Machine to GEN 6 and the change was unbelievable.

Bénie lyse
Republic of Congo
Tess Peterson.jpg

Staying in Mozambique for the past five years I was looking for something to get me going, acquiring the bed machinery from you has done just that. I did not know that the potential was so massive. The machinery is built for the African market very strong and my experience has been wonderful.  Very strong and reliable build quality I can recommend the Machinery to any one with confidence.

Tess Peterson
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Starting as a contractor in Tanzania was hard, then I found your setup. My experience with the new GEN 6 PRO bed equipment has been that of amazement.  I have had only praise. The GEN 6 PRO machine is a Machine for the Africa environment. Well done. I now want the new GEN 7 MAX as I am growing rapidly. 

Roy Macray
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Never knew the bed business is this big, the demand is bigger than the supply. Having a GEN 6 PRO machine has been the best decision I and my wife could have made. The machine is well built and does the job. Thank you for all the assistance. 

Maka Jo
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Thank you for a great machine. It works well and the beds are of good quality. The business is a good business to have. We have many sales and customers. Our customers are very happy with the beds we make. GENERATION 5 Pro machine is a very good machine.

Mrs. Marjani

We have 5  X GENERATION 5 Pro Machines and now

2 X GENERATION 6 PRO machines. We are proud to say the setup we have has been the best and has made us very happy. The machines run like crazy and have been for some time 10 years. Thank you for a great business.

Joaddan Nina
bed business for sale bed factory.jpeg

Thanks for the great service and equipment when we needed it most! Your machines are real workhorses and easy to operate and maintain. This was exactly what we were looking for! Your Generation 5 and 6 Machines are amazing. We needed something durable and strong for my country. Our aim is the GEN 8 PRO next.

Zhegori Chale
Business for sale in South Africa

Thank you so much for showing me the way with the new GEN 8 PRO. I am originally from SA now staying in the U.K  Before that, we went regrettably for a cheap machine from South Africa. This nearly put us out of business as the quality and technology were outdated. The GEN 5  we purchased 6 years ago is still going strong and I won't sell it at all.  But I have to say there GEN 6 PRO then the amazing GEN 7 MAX we now received the new GEN 8 PRO  that you manufacture, is in their own league. I will recommend your machines above all other machines any day. 

JEff Ableton
United Kingdom